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How do I share video in Moodle?

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I'm sure that there are many ways to share video in Moodle. This is one way that takes advantage of our access to the Google Suite.

Record a video of yourself.

Upload (or share) your video to Google Drive (via your Greensboro College account). Note: If you use Google Hangouts Meet, your video should upload automatically to your Google Drive.

It may take a bit for your video to upload, even if it is short (although I have found Google Hangouts Meet uploads faster than some videos). Keep checking Google Drive (or your Greensboro College email) until it appears.

Once you see your video in Google Drive, open it, then click the “More actions” option and select Share.

Next, click Copy link

Next go to your course in Moodle, Turn editing on, then click Add an activity or resource. 

I have done this by adding to a Discussion Forum, a URL, or a Page. Below shows you how to add video in a URL. I like this best because I can make the video appear in a pop-up in Moodle (you will see this below). Click URL and Add.

Name your URL/Video, past your URL (from Steps 4 and 5 above), then click to add a link under Description. Yes, you are adding the link twice (under External URL and under Description) – if you do not do this, students may not be able to view your video without your permission.

Paste your link and click Create link. If your link does not paste, simply go back to Google Drive and re-do steps 4 and 5 above.

You should see your link under Page content.

Next, under Appearance, click In pop-up. You may also keep it as Automatic (I like pop-up because it opens a new window for students; however, if students have pop-ups blocked, they may not be able to open it). 

At the bottom of the page, click Save and return to course.

You should see your new URL. Click on it to make sure everything works.

Click play. Your video should play in the pop-up. Students may now watch the video, then simply close the pop-up window when they are finished. After they close the pop-up window, they will still be in your Moodle course.

And you're done! You've successfully embedded video into your Moodle course!